Vanguard Product 4



Vanguard Vinyl Seawall stands behind its products. Our seawall products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and damage from corrosion, rot, splitting, or brittleness caused by UV damage, for 60 years, subject to the following limitations and conditions.

Vanguard does not cover damage to its Vinyl Seawall Products that is a direct result of storm damage or other acts of God, abuse, misuse, exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants, faulty installation, or use for purposes for which it was not originally intended. Vanguard Seawall, and its manufacturer Regenex, reserve the right to inspect any material submitted as a claim, and will be the sole judge of whether any defect is covered under this warranty.

If a defect covered under this warranty occurs, Vanguard Seawall and Regenex will, at their sole discretion, either supply replacement product or will refund the warranty holder a pro-rated amount of the original sale price for the defective portion of the Vanguard Vinyl Seawall material. This warranty does not cover freight, labor, installation, removal, or other expenses associated with the claim or replacement remedy.

Vanguard Seawall and Regenex make no warranties, express or implied, other than those that are listed herein. This warranty may be transferred to a new property owner. Request for transference of warranty must be received by Vanguard prior to transference of property ownership, and transfer of warranty is only considered valid when homeowner receives written approval from Vanguard.

All warranty claims or questions should be submitted in writing to:
Vanguard Seawall
1281 Court Street
Clearwater, FL 33756